A truly unique approach to teaching people and horses. - Training
A truly unique approach to teaching people and horses. - Company Message

Luke and Laura each have unique beginnings when it comes to their horsemanship skills. Luke learned them "crash-course" style by working for a trail string along with attending Parelli and other "natural horsemanship" clinics. Laura learned from the day to day work and handling that goes into having your own hobby farm, horseback riding almost daily (including lessons from first a dressage trainer and then her mom), and reading anything she could get her hands on about horses.

Both paths allowed them to develop their own training styles that are unique to each. However, they share the common goal(s) of developing a solid relationship with their horses through mutual trust, respect, and an instinctive understanding of their equine partners psyches. Through that relationship they are able to foster confidence, softness, and a willingness to work in the horses they work with.

Each horse they work with is first evaluated to get a working impression of what needs to be worked on as well as any potential physical or behavioral issues. Then, working with the horse's owner, a goal or set of goals is developed so there is a clear end point to work toward. Using the evaluation and the goal(s) set, Luke and Laura come up with an individualized approach to training the horse that is tailored specifically to their needs. Luke and Laura will train horses of any discipline and of any level - from starting the youngster on their riding career, to polishing the show horse, to ironing out behavioral issues of horses gone sour.
Coming Soon! On-site Training

On-site training is $750/month. That includes; 6 days of training per week, one lesson per week for you and your horse together, and stall board. Private turn-out is an extra $100/month. All board includes hay and grain.


"Boot Camp" is a special program we've developed for horses that simply need a little bit of a tune-up. You know, where you and your horse have been getting along great but you've noticed there's been a slow, steady decline in communication. At $400 for 15 days, "Boot Camp" reestablishes a solid foundation through ground training, arena work, and trail work. By no means a "get-trained-quick" option for inexperienced or horses preparing for show, this is a perfect option for the hack or trail mount that simply needs a little bit of refreshing.
Two Traveling Trainers

A cheesy name, we know, but it suits. We will come to any farm/facility within 30 miles of our home. We do charge a one way mileage fee, at $0.66 per mile, to facilities beyond 15 miles from our home.

Each training session is $25 and can last from 30-90+ minutes (depending on how good of a day your horse has) but we try and keep it around the 60 minute mark.

We recommend that we work with a horse at LEAST 3 days per week and to keep them on a consistent schedule. Because of this, we have a very limited number of trainee spots open for this training option.

Also, because we're only working with your horse 3 days each week instead of 5-6, this method can take longer to accomplish a goal, especially with a younger horse or a horse who's owner is uncomfortable practicing in between sessions. 

***DISCLAIMER***Because of the way we approach our training, we cannot guarantee that a horse will be finished within "30 days." Each horse learns in a different way and at a different pace. We believe that rushing a horse through a set program sets the horse up for failure later on. In the rush to get things done, a proper foundation cannot be laid and if your foundation is weak, everything else will be shaky as well. We will never drag training on longer than it needs to go but we will also never rush a horse through faster than they can handle the training or call them "finished" before the goal has been truly accomplished.
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