A truly unique approach to teaching people and horses. - Lessons
A truly unique approach to teaching people and horses. - Company Message

What We Offer
We offer standard weekly or bi-weekly lesson schedules. I highly recommend as weekly schedule unless you have a horse of your own that you can practice on in between lessons. However, we are very flexible and want to provide you with an experience tailored specifically to your goals.

Hour long lessons are $25 per person and half hour lessons are $15 per person. All lessons are currently private unless you and your friends trailer in. If you would like to take a group lesson the group needs to be at least 3 people but no more than 5. Group lesson rate is $15 per person per hour.

The lesson begins when you mount up so please be there 1/2 hour ahead of your scheduled time to catch, groom, and tack up your horse. Please bear in mind that minors (<18 y/o) must be supervised by a parent or guardian, over the age of 21, at all times.

We will travel to your place if you own your own horse and have a place to ride it. The lesson charges are the same. However, there is a one way $0.66 per mile charge for addresses greater than 15 miles from our home.

We also have three horsemanship programs that focus on incorporating horsemanship and the care of the horses into each lesson.

Rainbow Ribbon Program

The Rainbow Ribbon program is run much like the martial arts with students starting out with their white ribbon and passing short written and practical tests that tests their knowledge of horsemanship, husbandry, and riding. The way this differs from our general program is after or before each lesson, the student will sit down with their instructor and participate in a short classroom-like session where all aspects of horsemanship and husbandry (the care and management of horses) is taught. Students will progress from their white ribbon, through the colors of the rainbow, ending with earning their purple ribbon and being "show ready."

Guided Study Program

The guided study program is good for students who are leasing one of our horses. Leasing comes with two free half hour lessons each month (although we highly recommend weekly lessons). What we do with guided study is have the students choose a goal where we help them achieve that goal through their lessons and extra-lesson instruction. Just like with the Rainbow Ribbon program, a half hour before or after the lesson is spent critiquing the previous lesson and preparing for the next while keeping the students goal in mind.

Independent Study Program

The independents study program is great for those who have their own horses and need a "refresher" course. Again, a half hour is spent discussing goals and how things are going with the student and then incorporating that into the lesson and revisiting after to formulate and implement a plan for improvement.

All of the extra-lesson programs build upon the horsemanship already incorporated into the regular lesson program. We explore different topics in an in-depth manner that helps increase the students understanding of horses and their care.

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